Flower Factor launches English version of Floral Design - level 2

Florists can let their creativity run free in the second online Floral Design course of Flower Factor. Where level 1 focussed on building good basic skills, level 2 goes a step further.

Level 2 works at broadening knowledge, original use of materials, special techniques, creating exciting contrasts and the commercial side of floral design. More than 100 instructional and inspirational videos spread over 16 chapters stimulate the creative mind of students and florists. The course shows how special and distinctive floral design is within arm's reach.

Take your floral skills to the next level

Pim van den Akker, internationally renowned floral designer, creative director of Flower Factor and author of several books like the 'Floral Design Manual': "Level 2 mainly challenges the student. It encourages you to look at materials in a different way. To (again) think outside the box and to experiment. Because only by trying out and giving your ideas space to develop, you can progress. And that is important in a time where you have to distinguish yourself as a florist from others by showing your creativity and craftmanship."

A floral knowledge base filled with inspiration

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Next to elaborating on the techniques learned in level 1, new techniques are also introduced such as weaving, bending and clamping. These floral techniques offer endless possibilities when mastered.

Additionally, more special flower arranging styles are discussed, including the garland and festoon, but also funeral and wedding flower arrangements. The commercial side of the profession is also a topic that's touched upon. How do you convert ideas into floral designs that sell? And which elements determine the selling price?

Each chapter is concluded with a test. When all tests have been passed, the student will receive a certificate of participation.

For florists and students who want to grow


The program is available for the individual florist and their employees as well as for students from the various floristry schools. Several vocational schools have already expressed their interest in including level 2 of Flower Factor's online education program, after having previously incorporated level 1 as a supplement to the regular curriculum.

Level 1 consists of 12 chapters, bundling nearly 100 instructional and inspirational videos discussing the basics.

Both levels are available in Dutch and English in the Flower Factor webshop. To get an idea of the outline of the online courses, free trial versions are available.