BLOOM's was founded 22 years ago. We are with four partners, each partner is responsible for one task in the company.

Klaus Wagener is our floral anchor man. He is the only German florist, who ever won the World Championship of the Florists. This happened in 1985 when he was 27 years young. After this, he travelled throughout the world and was demonstrating on the floral show stages in different countries. Later he became a designer in a leading industrial company producing plastic flowers and ribbons, before he joined the other three BLOOM's partners. Now Klaus Wagener is responsible for all the floral work within the BLOOM's company and the florists who are working in Minden/Westfalia, the hometown from Klaus Wagener and his family. Here the BLOOM's company runs a big photo studio and a film studio in the creative center. More than 10 florists are working here, as well as designers, stylists and photographers....

Marion Bauer is also a designer and working in Minden/Westfalia. She is responsible for the general design from BLOOM's. Working as a trend scout, she is publishing twice a year the contemporarily trend look book for the floral industry. As stylist she is responsible for many photo shootings and photos for the BLOOM's magazines. 

Norbert Knapp is the managing man of the BLOOM's team. He is a marketing expert and doing many videos for companies and advertisements. Always he has new ideas and looking for new medias in the future. He is working on the main headquarter of the company in Ratingen, next to Düsseldorf or Essen. Here around 25 people are working in administration, shipping, marketing and editorial stuff.

Hella Henckel, last but not least, is the chief editor of the BLOOM's company. She is responsible for the editorial stuffs in Ratingen, which means journalists, graphic designers and authors. Around 10 persons are producing the trade magazines for the floristry as well as the consumer decoration magazines called BLOOM's DECO. Before founding the BLOOM's company, Hella Henckel was the chief editor of the German trade magazine "Florist" from the florist association. 

This creative team started to create new magazines and was really successful in this business. So the company grew up in a very quickly way. In the meantime around 50 persons belongs to the BLOOM'S company. The magazines are well known all over the world, and specially the trade magazine is also published in the English language. Besides the magazines, several lifestyle books are produced from this team and spread all over the world.

Here is the magazine portfolio:

The most important trade magazine is BLOOM's VIEW. Twice a year it is the magazines for the German professionals. It talks about the trends, of floral designs and news from the floral scenery. International florists will have BLOOM's WORLD, which is the same magazine in English translation.

BLOOM's PRAXIS is the magazine for the daily business. Flower shop owners and florists get a lot of seasonal ideas from it, every two months.

The most important consumer magazine BLOOM's DECO inspires every two months the consumer and everybody who loves floral design with new ideas, stylish decoration and new information about the flower based lifestyle.

BLOOM's BASICS is the brand for the floral education and learning. This considers printed magazines and books for school as well as digital based e-learning platforms.

The BLOOM's company is as well a specialized marketing agency for the floral and horticultural branch. Road shows, trade fairs, consumer workshop and flower events belong to the activities, this company is well known for.