Azuma Makoto & Shiinoki Shunsuke



Azuma Makoto is known for creating expressive sculptures and installations using flowers and plants.



Azuma Makoto & Shiinoki Shunsuke

Flower artist Azuma Makoto & botanical photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke, opened in 2002 JARDINS des FLEURS, a haute couture flower shop offering bouquets designed on-demand, using flowers purchased for the respective order, in the Ginza area (now located in Minami-Aoyama) in Tokyo.


Azuma Makoto invented the genre of the “botanical sculpture”, creating works for which he soon received orders also from outside Japan. Following a solo exhibition in New York, his experimental work has been repeatedly shown at places including Paris and Dusseldorf & New York.


Around the time Azuma first started creating his botanical sculptures, Shiinoki Shunsuke began to point his camera at ever-changing forms of life, committing himself to capturing such processes of gradual decay. Having been working with plants and facing the cycle of life and death on a daily basis, he developed an ability to highlight the genuine color, vital energy and mystique of flowers and plants as specifically natural qualities.


"No other artist has made us so radically reconsider the power of flowers, plants and ultimately nature, in such an insightful and seductive way," said Juan Garcia Mosqueda, who founded the Chamber gallery in 2014.


 Project : In Bloom project Dagat & Bulaklak

 “In Bloom”, the art project for which Azuma Makoto creates flower installations under the environments where nature does not allow them to exist. Following the first installation of the project “EXOBIOTANICA”, the botanical space flight, the next artwork was in Hinoba-an Sea, Negros Island in Philippines. There, Azuma created a huge sculpture of flowers in the middle of the ocean that stretches calmly around the Island.

Place: Hinoba-an Sea, Negros island, Philippines



A 4-meters long botanical sculpture consisted of approximately 10,000 red Heliconia were installed on a simple raft used by the local fisherman. With nothing blocked the harsh sunlight, blown by salted water, the sculpture of flowers quietly floated in the cobalt blue ocean. The ocean accounts 70% of the surface of the earth, and therefore it created magnificent stage for the project. A vivid contrast between expressions of the flowers that change every minute and the surrounding environment were recorded as a documentary.

Project Ice Flowers

Date: january 10 & 11, 2015


[youtube id=4y8h5bh30-o][/youtube]