British Flowers Week: the 20 most creative florists

Soon it may be as unusual to fill your house with sweet peas in January as it is to feast on strawberries.

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Electric Daisy's flowers will make you want to wear a flower headdress all year round CREDIT: ALMA HASER/ELECTRIC DAISY FLOWER FARM


A growing trend among florists for cultivating and gathering flowers and foliage used in their work is inspired not only by a desire to reduce the carbon footprint, but by the trend for the sort of fresh-as-a-daisy arrangements that hint more at the hedgerow than the refrigerated truck. 

Just as we became aware that buying food in season allowed us not just to enjoy it at its best, but to relish the passing of the seasons, so too the new floristry celebrates the delights of the passing year, from the soft pastels of spring to the intense golds and reds of autumn and the dramatic foliage and berries of winter.