Florists primarily active on Facebook according to Florists Panel

How can we reach and inspire florists better? This is a question commonly asked by growers.

Florists Panel: oracle for growers and buyers

Via Florists Insight (Flora Holland Florists Panel), Royal FloraHolland asks florists from the Netherlands, the UK, France and Germany about a range of topics. There are about 400 florists involved from each country. The aim is to expand this group to 1,500 florists per country.

The Florists Panel receives a questionnaire from us at least 4 times a year. Growers and buyers can also suggest topics. This time we asked about the florists' online and offline behaviour.

Florists active online

Florists are apparently often active online, both for their work and personally. Over three-quarters of the participating florists consider the use of online means to be important read more...