Horticultural boat joins Europride 2016

Under the motto 'Share your love with flowers', a boat full of lovely flowers will again join the Europride in Amsterdam this year on 6 August 2016.

This year’s theme is JOIN. Royal FloraHolland is a partner of Europride 2016 - as it is called this year - following up on the success of the 'Share Your Love With Flowers' boat that participated in 2015 on behalf of the horticultural sector. With around 600,000 visitors from the Netherlands and abroad and an enormous target audience, estimated at 2.5 million, this partnership certainly fits in the Royal FloraHolland strategy. By sponsoring the boat, we share the message with a wide-ranging and international audience that flowers are an excellent way to show you care with the motto 'Share your love with flowers'.

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source: Royal FloraHolland

Floraholland share your love with flowers boot