Royal FloraHolland searching for creative ideas

What happens when you invite a group of designers, developers, strategists and analysts to think about a 'tool' to encourage consumers to buy flowers and plants?

That is what we will find out on 2 and 3 September 2016. Royal FloraHolland is providing one of the four challenges at the so-called hackathon organised by the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK).

During a hackathon, teams are challenged to come up with innovative solutions within 24 hours for different challenges. Royal FloraHolland's challenge is: how do we stimulate consumers to buy more plants and flowers? The participants make use of data sources from e.g. Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the CoC, Google and others. At the end of the 24-h period, a jury determines what the best, most creative or most feasible solution is. Read more...

source: Royal FloraHolland