The Emotions of Pim van den Akker

This week features ‘The Emotions of...’ Pim van den Akker. Van den Akker is a floral designer and the founder of Flower Factor.


“Often times it’s the smallest things that make me happy! In that respect I love uncomplicated happiness. Surprise is another thing that makes me happy, or discovering something about yourself or someone else that surprises you. Something that makes you wonder why, allowing you to grow. In my line of work that’s creating, making and discovering. That’s what makes me happy! And helping others discover their talent and helping them grow.”


“I can’t deal with people being dishonest. Injustice is such a stupid and unnecessary thing. But in so many cases the stupid things that happen to you can also be a good learning curve. They can be the impetus to change your perspective or to do something completely different.”


“What is hope? To me, I like the idea of hoping for something, but not hoping that things go well. That implies you don’t want things to go wrong. But what is ‘wrong’? I think we always make conscious choices in our actions that at the time are already justified. The result isn’t the issues anymore, it’s the process that counts. I think it’s a question of surrendering to the moment, allowing yourself to let go and just experience whatever it is.


“I’m proud of a lot of things. Maybe that’s cliché. I have 2 sons and I’m so incredibly proud of them! But I’m also just proud to just be Pim and to get everything out of myself I think I can. In doing so I’ve uncovered my weakness and learned to embrace it.

And the results - once again, the journey is key - are my books and demos I’ve been able to do all around the world. They make me proud too.”


“Regret is something I don’t really have. I try to make choices in life using my gut, both in business and in private – and I’ve never regretted a decision. In hindsight they may have been good or bad, but they were well thought out at the time. It’s not about getting the result you wanted, but learning from whatever you do get out of it. That makes you grow the most! If you make mistakes, be as proud of them as you are of your blessings. You can learn from both!”

Pim will be passing on the baton to Menno Kroon.