Lilies represent love, purity, transience and femininity. And it is precisely those four themes which lily platform Yourlily places at the heart of its B2B promotional activities. Working on behalf of all the lily growers, Yourlily - which works closely with breeders and iBulb - makes its mark with high profile publications at home and abroad. You might call it Inspiration+.

The theme of Transience in particular - and the exceptionally inspiring way in which Yourlily picks up and communicates that theme - can certainly be deemed exceptional. By daring to step away from the conventional with far from everyday Lily creations, Yourlily attracts the spotlight throughout the chain - from production to wholesale to retail. And let’s not forget the (inter)national (trade) press.

'We are quite unique in using the beautiful and versatile Lily to create eye-catching work for our themes,’ say Jhon Koopman and Gerben Ravensbergen of Yourlily. ‘We dare to do that because we know from our earlier business-to-consumer experience that it appeals. It is for precisely that reason that we are working to inspire the trade and retail in a distinctive way.'

'That is also one of the reasons why we are embarking on a partnership with Flower Factor. In order to be able to prompt growers, the trade and florists to be innovative, to be daring as much as possible. Yourlily offers them a stage on which to do that, but they have to step onto it themselves. That’s why we’re called YOURlily. We provide the tools, but they have to do the work with them themselves.'

One of those tools is the attractive full colour magazine which Yourlily publishes four times a year in a print run of 10,000 and distributes via the wholesalers. The magazine is packed with modern and innovative creations featuring most beautiful lilies in atmospheric and slightly edgy settings. A glossy photo book is currently in production covering the four lily themes.

It’s clear that Yourlily is working hard on making an impact. With partners such as iBulb, 2Dezign and Flower Factor, the platform has a worldwide network of flower journalists, top arrangers and ‘idiosyncratic’ designers who help think about the development of eye-catching lily promotions. The lily will shortly again be firmly in the spotlight during the Dutch Lily Days (2-5 June 2015).

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